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Should be working out... (so why am I eating babka?)

It's finally happening! I will be walking down a red carpet at THE FAMOUS CHINESE THEATRE! (Yes, the one with the footprints!) Where I've seen so many other movies, events, and taken tourists on personalized tours oh-so-many times and described the scene when a movie premiere takes place and stars walk the red carpet into the entrance... well, guess what? I get to be the... I won't say star, but 'featured actor in a nice role.' That really feels nice. So what am I going to wear? I should start working out so I can fit into it, instead of eating this piece of babka! This is a really fun conversation to have with myself, as I look at the shitpile of laundry I need to fold. Ah, the glamour of Hollywood! What! The dog took a crap on the floor again!? Oh, the life of a supporting actor is never dull! Stay tuned!

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