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Mold, masks, and meaningful meets...

It was a blast getting to perform for a LIVE audience once again! What a thrill to tell the story of UNDER THE JELLO MOLD in front of actual people in a theater full of... well, okay... not full. Due to their policy (or lack thereof) of not requiring masks indoors, a lot of people stayed away from being inside a theatre potentially full of people in Scottsdale. And I can't say that I blamed them. When I booked the gig, things were looking better COVID-wise. Then came the Delta variant, and things took a turn for the worse. I'll be honest -- I would not want to sit in a theater with anyone not wearing a mask. But I was up on stage - above the fray - literally and figuratively. I was breathing DOWN on people. I wasn't afraid of them - but I felt they should have been afraid of me. Why no masks, people? WHY?? "Put them on!" I wanted to yell - but that wasn't in my script. Or my contract. From now on, it will be. No masks, no Jennie. Ah, well - you live and you learn. But those that were there, got a great show. And I met some new relatives (at least, new from my perspective). It was wonderful to meet them because on top of everything, I knew they were from - let's phrase it nicely - a different political party. Yet, they were wearing masks. And when I said, "Masks down just for the photo," my cousin that I had just met leaned over to me and said, "Don't worry, we're vaccinated." Gosh... there IS HOPE!!

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