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Let's PLAY!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I had so much fun teaching an acting workshop at my sisterhood (Isaiah Women) a couple of weeks ago - and yes, I got asked to do more of the same - that I decided I would offer an acting class for non-actors at the theater where I did my solo show for a nice chunk of time back in 2018... right here where I can walk to, in my neighborhood... I had fun coming up with the name of this class... and settled on PLAY/ACT! Because that's what it is... it's play-acting. It's the spirit of playing while acting. Personally, I can't stand when actors complain about how 'hard' their job is... please... it's PLAYING! They're PLAYING a character! It's called a PLAY! The whole thing is about playing... and it's really what you did when you were a kid and pretended to be someone else. "I'm the mom, you're the dad." And then you bossed your friend's brother around for the next hour and half until you got in trouble for bossing him around. But I digress. I promise not to be bossy. Come to the acting class - there will be no tests! it's a no-judgement zone! - at the Pico Playhouse starting March 26th and running for 4 months on the last Sunday of each month... and let's get in there and PLAY! (...oh yeah, it's from 11am to 1pm. I'll bring cookies.)

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