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Kielbasa and Cabbage

I love radio commercials. Irwin, the Sit and Sleep guy's accountant? Hilarious! The British lady who is probably rubbing herself off while she describes the gloriousness of the seven-day Norwegian cruise? Not since Rula Lenska sold hairspray has there been such a melifluous sales pitch voice! ("I'm Rula Lenska..." Oh, man, did I love imitating her!) So if you see me driving around Los Angeles talking to myself, I'm probably just imitating the radio commercials. Then there's Aaron. Oh, Aaron. He's my boyfriend. You know him? Aaron from American Custom Windows? He's clearly not American. No, Aaron is probably Russian, or Armenian, or Czech or of some other Eastern European descent. But Aaron describes to you how his custom windows were not just pulled off the shelf like all "de odder deestribut-ors in Soo-thern Ka-lee-forr-nee-ya. Ve vuld never doo dat!" Oh, Aaron. That is why I love you. Also, because Aaron won't break your stucco. No. Aaron tells you: "Yore houze kud be made uff potato cheeps, ve vud-nt break von!" Don't you love him?! That is why I always imitate his voice whenever I hear it. Which is why I do a really good Russian/Armenian/Czech/who-knows-what-the-hell-it-is-Eastern-European accent, but it got me two jobs playing Polish women on two different TV shows. So the bottom line is: watch me on THE MIDDLE on January 10 - you'll see what Aaron, my boyfriend, taught me. I shall eat kielbasa and cabbage in honor of you, Aaron, my love. xo

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