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Pthuh, pthuh, pthuh.

This is the sound you make when you spit between your fingers when you say good things and then you're afraid something bad will happen. In Yiddish, a kenahourah. The English equivalent is knocking wood. I've knocked a lot of wood this week. I've got splinters in my knuckles. I can't even write about what I've been spitting and knocking and kenahoura-ing about, because I'm very superstitious and it would cause some sort of cataclysmic implosion of events probably including having my roof crash in on me and my dog to decide she no longer enjoys cuddling. So I'll just leave you with a small hint... things are good. I booked another role on a major TV show this week (a real network you've heard of, on a show you might actually watch) and some people who really like me want to produce my one-woman show. I've already said too much. Pthuh, pthuh, pthuh.

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