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Learning new tricks

I laughed, I cried. It was better than Cats. Not really, because when I saw Cats at the Wintergarden theater when I was about 12, I truly fell in love with it. I admit that freely. But I did learn how to use Final Cut Pro this weekend (or at least in some sort of very basic way, I'm in no way claiming to be very good at it, but I can at least sort of navigate around it better than I did on Thursday). So I learned something new. And now that I am officially middle-aged (like, if I live to be 100, I'm almost at the middle mark) this is impressive - at least to me. Why did I learn Final Cut Pro? Because I edited a cut of my film, Break, and it means I can edit further cuts, and that means I can do stuff like edit other films I might make, and that means I just opened a window and grew some brain cells. Like the Grinch grows his heart. So here's an extra piece of roast beast for Cindy-Lou Who in honor of it. I'll just eat it for her because after all the crying and gnashing of teeth that went on before the end of the weekend -- like on Thursday, Friday, and well into Saturday night -- damn you, Final Cut Pro!! -- I need some protein.

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