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I cracked the 80,000 mark on the IMDB starmeter. Not sure why anyone would really give two rats' asses (or why anyone would have a rat's ass in the first place), but I enjoy checking that particular statistic because somehow, the grand, egotistical scheme of narcissism, it makes me feel just a tiny bit superior to the person who is ranked not quite as high as that. Although, plenty of very talented - probably extremely talented - people are ranked lower than that. And many not as talented people are ranked much higher. But some extremely talented... okay, you see where this is going. It's just a number, but still... it's a gleeful, fun feeling to see your number shoot up one week. This week, my number shot up by about 80,000... which is ridiculous. Next week, it'll probably shoot down by 150,000. So I'm going to hang on to this feeling just as long as I can (a great song lyric from an 80's power ballad, I'm sure) and then I'll probably go stuff my face with saltines and cheese and cry. This is why actors are such a mess.

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