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99-seat theater and other reasons to love LA

So I opened in a play last weekend. A lovely new play called "Grow A Pair... of Wings." I almost didn't do this play because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to the callback at first. I don't know... playing a Jewish mom... it just seemed like too much of a cliche. But I'm so glad I did. As it so happens, this could be the last 99-seat show I EVER GET TO DO THANKS TO MY VERY HELPFUL UNION THAT JUST PASSED A THEATER KILLING PROPOSAL where small theaters will have to pony up money that apparently will appear from out of nowhere and line the pockets of actors that they will not be able to afford to hire. I'm probably overstating it and yelling too much. Small theater probably won't die altogether in LA, but union actors may all have to scab, start wearing fake moustaches and using aliases like Tony Gringanouchie. (You can't use that name, I have already taken it).

In the meantime, "Wings" is a beautiful little play with a lovely cast of very talented actors... and may I also add that some of them are gorgeous. Thank G-d I get to look at them and not the other way around. Why don't you stop by and see it? Check out the "Now Appearing In" page of this website for more info...

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